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Expert Advice

Environmental Assessment of Proposed Container Port Expansion in the Fraser Estuary

Together with two other CEAA Review Panel Members, Dave is developing recommendations for the Government of Canada related to the environmental impacts of the proposed Terminal 2 Container Port Expansion Project on Roberts Bank. During a previous 5-yr assignment with Westwater Research Centre, UBC, Dave conducted pioneering field research on juvenile salmon and marsh ecology in close proximity to the proposed Project.

Cohen Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River

As Research Director for the Cohen Commission, designed and provided oversight for 12 fisheries research projects that addressed the causes for the Fraser sockeye decline.

Independent Member of Nechako Fisheries Conservation Program (NFCP)

Since 2005, Dave has coordinated Chinook salmon monitoring in the Nechako River by serving as the NFCP liaison person with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, BC Ministry of Environment and Rio Tinto Alcan.

Assessment of Sockeye Salmon Population Damages from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Served as an Expert Witness to evaluate damages to Cook Inlet sockeye populations from the 1989 oil spill.


Strategic Planning

Technical Advisor to First Nations Fisheries Council (FNFC)

  • Preparation of consolidated comments on DFO Salmon IFMPs
  • Undertook a performance evaluation of the FNFC Salmon Co-ordinating Committee (SCC)
  • Provided recommendations on SCC structure, process and administration
  • Moderator for the FNFC Science Workshop Series
  • Provided a review of FN interests in relation to Wild Salmon Policy implementation

Fisheries Advisor to Statimc Nation Hydro

Undertook strategic planning for mitigation of fisheries damages associated with the BC Hydro Bridge-Seton hydroelectric system. The information was incorporated into the 2011 Settlement Agreement between the Province of BC, BC Hydro and the Statimc Nation.

Fisheries Habitat Management in Northern BC

Prepared fisheries habitat evaluations for the Upper Fraser Fisheries Conservation Alliance, a First Nations group focused on fish conservation. Recommendations were developed for Early Stuart sockeye salmon population recovery.


Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring

Fisheries Impacts Associated with the Proposed Enbridge Gateway Pipeline

Worked with the Pembina Institute to review the potential construction and operational impacts of the Enbridge Gateway project on salmon populations in the Fraser, Skeena and Kitimat watersheds.

Fisheries Impacts from the Kemess North, Mt. Milligan and Prosperity Mine Developments

Provided advice to MiningWatch Canada concerning aquatic impacts from proposed and approved mining projects in Northern BC, including a submission to the Joint Review Panel for the Kemess North Project.

Monitoring of Sockeye Entrainment Mortality

Since 2006, entrainment mortality of Seton Lake sockeye smolts has been mitigated by means of scheduled powerhouse shutdowns. The monitoring program was designed to estimate the sockeye mortality rate and is carried out annually on behalf of Statimc Nation Hydro and BC Hydro.


Assessment of Flow Increases from Rock Groins on Sockeye Migration Behaviour

On behalf of Public Works Canada, this project analysed Early Stuart sockeye migration responses to flow conditions in the Fraser River Estuary. The adjacent Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler image indicates stratified flows with a surface layer flowing downstream (blue) and a deeper layer flowing upstream (orange). Fish sampling demonstrated that the sockeye relied upon tidal stream transport behaviour to migrate through the estuary during flood tide conditions.

Impacts of Aquatic Log Storage on Juvenile Salmon

While with Westwater Research Centre, UBC, multiyear projects were undertaken to assess the impacts of log storage on juvenile salmon in the Fraser Estuary and Babine Lake.


Fisheries Evaluations

Independent Review of the Science and Management of Thompson River Steelhead

This assessment was undertaken on behalf of Thompson River First Nations to develop a conservation strategy for steelhead that ensures long-term sustainability and a recovery of the traditional food, social and ceremonial fishery.

Feasibility of Outplanting Sockeye Salmon to Hanging Lakes in Northern BC

This project, undertaken on behalf of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, identified potential enhancement lakes along the Central and Northern Coast of BC that have anadromous fish barriers. The lakes are located adjacent to Grenville Channel, the linear feature on the satellite image.

Options for Salmon Production Upstream of the Sooke River Potholes, Vancouver Island

The Sooke River potholes form a barrier for anadromous salmon in the Upper Sooke River. The Pacific Salmon Foundation requested the identification of opportunities for Chinook salmon enhancement including regulatory requirements.

Nass Salmon Report Card

The Nass salmon management system was given a B grade in an evaluation prepared for the Sierra Club of Canada. Nass salmon are managed under a system that makes the river one of the best managed large salmon rivers in BC.

Upper Fraser Sockeye Stock Assessment

A sockeye stock assessment feasibility evaluation was undertaken during 2 summers with Lheidli T'enneh fisheries technicians and biologists in the Upper Fraser River between Quesnel and Prince George. Methods that were tested included gillnet set-netting in traditional fishing sites, a split-beam hydroacoustic system and a fish wheel.


Fisheries Habitat Construction

Gravel Replacement in the Gates Creek Spawning Channel

Worked with the Statimc community of N'Quatqua on a Bridge Coastal Restoration Project to replace the gravel in the Gates Creek spawning channel to improve egg-to-fry survival. A source of nearby, suitably-sized gravel was located, screened and introduced as replacement material for the oversized and sub-standard cobble material for sockeye spawning.

Applespring Spawning and Rearing Habitat Construction

Worked with the Statimc community of Xwisten to construct habitat for coho salmon in a 400 m excavated channel tributary to the Bridge River. The project was funded by the Fraser Salmon Watersheds Program and provided practical fisheries assessment experience for local community members.


Institutional Strengthening in Latin America

Sustainable Development and Watershed Management in Colombia

Along with an economist from Environment Canada, co-delivered a short course in Pasto to Colombian environmental professionals. The training was part of a larger CIDA environmental project.

Institutional Development at the Universidad Tecnica del Altiplano (UNTA), Puno, Peru

This CIDA exchange project between UNTA and UBC provided training experience for Peruvian undergraduates studying aquatic resource management in Lake Titicaca. Eutrophication impacts in Puno Bay were analyzed by means of field research and results were published as a UBC/UNTA book.